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Uncovering undiscovered excellence

Founded in 2015, Exceed Group is a specialist curator of bespoke experiences. Travelling the globe to procure and fine tune the very best packages for our clients, the Exceed team have built a reputation for uncovering undiscovered excellence. The catalogue has become an ever-expanding portfolio of exclusive experiences, providing access to the desirable and often unobtainable.

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 'We set out to build something meaningful and beneficial - to our customers and our charity partners. We're proud to have created an experiential brand that our clients turn to again and again when seeking outstanding, unforgettable experiences: making luxury accessible.
Exceed is there for people that enjoy
Doing, Being & Giving,
rather than Taking, Having & Hoarding.’

We're there for our Customers

We enable our clients to create lifelong memories, for themselves and those around them. 


This includes our B2B clients: employers, clubs and other communities that generate massive value for their organisations and their stakeholders, by engaging our end to end services.

We're there for Good causes

We help provide charities with the strategies, tactics, tools and the in-person support to maximise their income generation. 


Our range of fundraising prizes have raised millions of pounds across thousands of charity campaigns. Our comprehensive support service takes the strain away, allowing our charity partners to raise more and stress less.


Whilst we've grown into the market-leading luxury experience provider and hospitality broker, we've repeatedly exceeded aspirations and in the last few years we've evolved as a turnkey service provider for: -


  • Charities and other third sector organisations interested in optimising their income generation - at in person events and via online campaigns.

  • Private Sector Companies looking for more effective ways to provide incentives, rewards and entertainment to their workforce and clients.

  • Individuals who enjoy doing and being, over having and hoarding.




We've travelled the world to curate once in a lifetime experiences that will create lasting memories. Our clients include individuals, businesses and charities.




Having cultivated

long-standing direct relationships with sporting bodies and venues, we have access to the best packages at the most competitive rates.



We've supported thousands of charity campaigns with our fundraising prizes and our comprehensive fundraising service. See our Fundraising pages for more information.




Exceed wholly owns its own Travel Management Company. With IATA accreditation, ATOL bonding and 100% financial protection.

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