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1.1 "Bidder" means the person placing a bid, buy-it-now or purchase and expressly accepts these Terms. 

1.2 "Fundraiser" means the beneficiary and can also refer to the charity or the foundation that the auction is in aid of.

1.3 "Auction" means the campaign or event which is the subject of the bid. 

1.4 "Exceed" means Exceed Group Ltd Limited a company registered in England and Wales as company number: 09802671 trading under the name of The Exceed Group. 

1.5 "Services" means the hospitality and/or event services to be performed by Exceed pursuant to the package in accordance with these Terms. 

1.6 "Terms" means these booking terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions of auction participation 

In order to bid in the auction, bidders must be aged 18 or over. • Late, incomplete, defaced or corrupt bids, and bids below the minimum bid value may not be accepted. • A bid in this auction is classified as a binding, in-person offer. You acknowledge that if you are successful, you are obliged to pay for the item(s) at the event. Payment will be processed with a voucher or delivery of physical item(s) to follow. • You can pay by cash or all major credit & debit cards. Credit card charges, pre-agreed with the event host/charity will be deducted from the project surplus. • Experiences/vouchers are valid for a year from the date of the silent auction unless stated specifically. • Flights are specifically excluded from all packages. Furthermore, unless expressly stated as included within the package, the highest bidder is responsible for making all arrangements and meeting all costs out of their own pocket that may be necessary to take up and enjoy their Lot, including but not limited to costs of travel, accommodation, insurance and food. • Some package suppliers may require a refundable damage deposit upon booking – this applies to villas, apartments and other private properties. • If, for any reason, we are unable to award a Lot, we reserve the right to withdraw the Lot from the auction. • All items offered in the silent auction brochure or platform shall be subject to availability and we shall not be liable for any claims, expenses, costs and/or any losses (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, indirect, pure economic and consequential losses or otherwise) or any damage (save for death or personal injury arising from negligence) suffered by any Bidder. • Exceed acts as agents for the supply of the listed products, events and services identified in this brochure. Any agreement to purchase the products, events and services will be between the supplier and purchaser of the products not Exceed. • Experiences/vouchers are valid for a year from the date of the auction unless stated specifically. All vouchers are non-refundable, cannot be extended and must be used in one time. • Physical items must be redeemed via the voucher management system. Delivery address and contact number for tracking must be provided during the redemption process to initiate item dispatch. Any billing address details provided at the bid or payment stage will not be used for delivery purposes. • We shall not be liable for any delay or non-performance of any obligations in relation to the Lot to the extent that such performance is interrupted or prevented by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. • In the event of force majeure or some other unforeseen cancellation (including the insolvency of any third-party provider of any booking, experience or auction prize) to a booked experience, you will receive a credit equivalent to the supply price for the specified Lot. • If a refund is offered at Exceed's sole discretion, any amount bid over the minimum bid value, plus £200 of the minimum bid value, will be classified as a spent donation and cannot be reclaimed through Exceed. • To maximise the fundraising for the beneficiary, some lots are available more than once and in these instances and unless excluded by the client, the top bidders will be successful. • Some lot images are for illustrative purposes. • 100% of revenue above the minimum for all non-donated Lots goes directly to charity. • 100% of all revenue for the donated Lots goes directly to charity. • In addition, all reserves include a guaranteed charity sum as follows: • £0 - £499 on experiences - £25 to charity/foundation • £500 - £1,499 on experiences - £50 to charity/foundation • £1,500 - £2,999 - £100 to the charity/foundation • £3,000 - £4,999 - £200 to the charity/foundation • £5,000 or more - £300 to the charity/foundation 


Auction FAQs

What do I do if I want to retract a bid? Please contact a member of staff at the event prior to the auction end. After the auction closes, bids are final and non refundable.

When does the auction close? There is a countdown clock on the item page showing how long is left until the item closes.  

How do I know if I won an item? When the system closes, your credit card will automatically be charged only if you have won an item and/or made a donation. You will then be sent a text and email notification with a confirmation of your payment.   

Are all the prizes donated? The fundraising auctions may contain a combination of donated lots and supplied lots. Non donated lots are supplied to this fundraiser/beneficiary at £25 - £300 under the starting bid price to ensure that every single bid is guaranteed to raise much needed funds for the beneficiary charities. That value, plus 100% of the winning bid above the supply price goes to the beneficiaries. Wholly donated lots will be specified.  

What if Covid / travel restrictions make a prize unredeemable? Any non-donated experiences usually come with extended validity of at least 12 months. These factors should allow all winners to enjoy their experiences with a year or more of unrestricted opportunity to redeem. Should Covid restrictions continue and any experience cannot be taken due to associated closure of the venue or frustration by third party such as Government mandate or an international travel ban etc, the winner will have access to all appropriate remedies including initially, further extension, transfer to the next year's equivalent event or if available a transfer to alternative experience(s). Packages continue to be non-refundable but the bidders' insurance should be invoked and Exceed will provide a copy of these Terms to support the claim.

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